Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It's week four of the downstairs remodel. After last week being pretty much a dead week of delays, and enjoying that peace and a relatively clean house, I think I am ready for the filthiest week yet, because that might mean the end of construction.

2. We had some super disappointed kiddos Sunday night when we made them go to bed after the Halftime Show. Mean Mommy and Daddy.

3. After a couple of relatively mild weeks, even with last week's 10 or so inch snowfall, we are back into the teens with subzero wind chill. Since wind is just about the worst thing to run in, I took myself to a step class this morning.

4. My kids have rediscovered their love of Chex.

5. Book update #1: I am enjoying reading Where the Mountain Meets the Moon to the kids, and Ron's book with them is the second Percy Jackson.

6. Book update #2: I am reading both Gone Girl, and Hold Onto Your Kids, and am learning a few things. First, reading two books at once is not enjoyable for me. Second, neither of these genres is my favorite. And third, I really miss middle grade fiction.

7. In case you love middle grade fiction, too, I'll let you in on the middle grade fiction I'm MOST looking forward to at the moment: Pax. But only because technically it's already out and I'm just waiting on the library to get it in. If time were not a factor, then April will bring us new Kate DiCamillo. New. Kate. DiCamillo.

8. We moved to Minnesota almost ten years ago, so we've had plenty of winters here - mild ones, harsh ones, snowy ones, and years where the snowshoes just sit unused. A rule I created for myself early on was not to complain and not to daydream until March 1st. We're still in February, which is a cold month, long despite its fewer days, still dark, and the snow is hit or miss. But March! From March 1st to March 31st there can be drastic differences! Or not. But the possibility is there. We have had snow days in March. We have dined al fresco in March. The clocks spring forward in March, Fisher's birthday is in March, spring break is in March! This year with all the remodeling going on in here, I just cannot wait to throw open the windows and breathe fresh, not painfully cold air. I cannot wait to sit in lawn chairs and watch the kids climb trees and play baseball. But. I will stop there, because this is sounding dangerously like daydreaming.

9. At this point I will settle for daydreaming about things happening in February, like tile getting installed in our new bathroom and people not being in my house all day long. And having two bathrooms again.

10. Hard to believe but it is about time to sign our kids up for summer camp. Fisher says he's ready for a week away and we're attempting to get Alla on board for camp the same week. Listen, this is probably getting into daydreaming territory, but I daresay it's possible that we might get a few nights this summer where they are both at camp. At the same time. Too early to book a flight?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ten on Tuesday.

1. This was going to be a pictureless post because our downstairs is currently TORN UP and my computer is currently tarped so there's no getting to anything even remotely current. But then I found this gem on my laptop and the day was saved.

2. Today = day 6 of renovations. Some days I think I'm going to lose my ever-loving mind. You know I don't like dust, right? Well, remodeling is dusty. Real dusty.

3. Turns out non-fiction parenting is not really my jam right now. So I've also started Gone Girl, which, no, I never read. Still chugging along on the parenting book, at a rate of 5 pages a day. Will be done before Spring Break.

4. Speaking of Gone Girl, I'm wondering if there are other BIG books out there that I missed that everyone just ate up.

5. Back to the non-fiction parenting, though, real quick just to say that sometimes you have to be in the right frame of mind to read a certain type of book, and currently my mind is bogged down by all the dust in my house and requiring something a bit lighter than parenting theory. But I can take it in 5-page increments.

6. Balmy here this week, upper 20s and even 30. Might hit upper 30s by the weekend.

7. Majorly jealous of the several feet of snow people on the East Coast got. I realize three feet is no joke, but I would really like a chance at it, and I can say for certain that the kids would more than love it.

8. Alla had her orchestra concert last night! I hope she sticks with it; it is certainly obvious to me how much these kids improve year to year, because by the time they got to the high school part of the program it was pretty amazing.

9. Sometimes I don't put pants on over my workout pants which are typically capri-length, and then I'm aware of how Minnesotan I must look at Target with my parka, hat, and mittens, but calves just out.

10. Watched The Rookie with the kids over the weekend, which was a home run (ha) in my book - it's a feel good movie, it's about baseball, and there were no weird PG-13 moments. Sadly, I think we're coming close to having seen all the baseball movies.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ten on Tuesday.

1. This picture. Found while editing 2015 - I've advanced to September. The glow of late summer.

2. Today we had our lower level bath demolished in order to start the process of gaining a master suite for us and separate rooms for the kiddos. Bittersweet, but there's still months of work ahead for them to start hating each other, which would make splitting them up easier. They've shared a room since Fisher was 11 weeks old, so...

3. Finished Everything, Everything, which I'm going to recommend wholeheartedly.

4. Planning to start a nonfiction book next, a parenting book to be more specific, and generally in 2016 knock out more of the books I keep putting off, or have borrowed, or already have on my to-read list. It's a different approach for me, not having a bunch of books scheduled on request from the library, waiting til I finish one to pick out the next. It's working so far.

5. Temperature got up to eight degrees today, at which point I suited up and headed out for a quick run, two 1.4 mile laps close to home, during the last of which I was joined by Alla on rollerblades. Never seen a kid on rollerblades in snow clothes?

6. Got to see our favorite Okee Dokee Brothers over the weekend at a local high school!

7. Despite the chilly temps, it's been sunny for going on 4 days straight. This is more than a consolation prize.

8. Kids are currently listening to Daddy read Percy Jackson, painting, and eating chocolate chips and marshmallows, their treat of choice.

9. Ron and I got out for a chilly date night this weekend, courtesy of Nana + Pappi! We had a lovely dinner at Wise Acre and then got to see The Revenant! (We did the early bird dinner to hit up such a long movie and still be home before 10:30, I need my sleep.)

10. We got on the bandwagon and started Making a Murderer.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I'm sitting here editing pics from way back in the hot days of August, and came across this gem, which makes me so happy and almost warm. But I'm not sure if just this picture will do the trick come Sunday when the high before wind chill is supposed to be right around zero. Glad I'm not a football fan heading out to the Vikings game. Brrrr.

2. We had a delightful two-week break with everyone home doing lots of nothing. I can count the number of times the kids got in the car on one hand, maybe just a few fingers. We really did a lot of nothing. Reading books, cooking, eating, playing lots of Uno and Exploding Kittens, watching movies, snowshoeing. Like summer but with snow.

3. We did all get out one time together and that was to see STAR WARS, which was super wonderful and we all might want to go see it again.

4. Currently reading to the kids: Nanny Piggins, which is laugh out loud funny. Ron is currently reading Percy Jackson to them.

5. Currently reading to myself: All-American Boys, which at only halfway through I can say is a must-read.

6. Ron and I binge-watched Narcos and the first season of Fargo over the Christmas break.

7. On the horizon for this month: Science Fair. Just about my least favorite school activity there is, so if you have any fantastic ideas feel free to shoot them my way. I'll then find a way to make it seem like the kids came up with them on their own.

8. I'm about to head out for a run and it's about 25, so I'm going to appreciate the warmth before next week when I have to remember what single-digit running is like.

9. I finished my Project 365 on December 31st! It will probably take me all of 2016 to get all those pictures re-sized, edited and made into a book, but I did it!

10. I took on that project for a single year, knowing I would not be likely to continue or repeat it. (It's a lot of work.) But I happened upon a new project for this year: 1 Second Everyday, an app that allows you to take a video everyday, snip it into a 1-second bit, and then puts it all together for you at the end of the year. So excited for this!

Thursday, December 10, 2015


We are down to 15 days til Christmas, and once again in a year where we are hoping for a White Christmas because, I say again, this is Minnesota. But apparently the chances are only 75%, not absolutely guaranteed, so there you go. Fingers crossed.

We have been out enjoying the warmth while it lasts. Fisher was out in short sleeves this morning playing baseball and football for a full hour before school - 41 degrees.

And last week we got to have our dearest friends for almost 24 hours, which is not nearly enough for how seldom we see them, but was oh so wonderful. This shot of Catie and I was taken outside of Surly Brewing Co, where the food was divine and even I had a beer.

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Ten on Tuesday.

1. First of December. Holy cow.

2. Instead of counting days til Christmas like my children, I'm counting number of days left of school. This is the official number of days I have to get my holiday s--t together.

3. Kids get two full weeks for Christmas again this year! I cannot express the glee that is not picking them up everyday in the freezing cold for two whole weeks.

4. We got snow! Yesterday, maybe, maaaaaaybe, four inches. Probably three. Enough for a snow man and snow bags to go to school. Enough to have already lost one glove. Guess which Killins.

4. What I look forward to most at the holidays is my husband taking lots of time off work and hanging out with me! Sometimes we go on dates like to coffee or lunch (or both!), and I know he looks forward to going to the store with me.

5. Tonight's dinner was Lentil Chili from The Detoxinista's cookbook. So good. She's got one of those reputations for being dependable, as in nothing of hers is ever short of scrumptious.

6. I just love all of the holiday gift guides that pour out of websites and magazines this time of year. I hardly ever buy anything from any of them, but they are just fun. I get ideas.

7. Alla and I swapped books over the Thanksgiving break. Well, what I mean by that is I came home from the library with two books I personally intended to read, and she selected her favorite and proceeded to read it, and then we swapped. Our fiction book, The War That Saved My Life, was amazing. The other, our non-fiction book, Most Dangerous, is so far very interesting, and since Alla chose that one first, she has already given it 4.5 stars.

8. I had so many books I still wanted to read this year, but for the love, this year is only 30 more days, so I may have to amend that, unless I can read all the books on my list in that week after Christmas when the world finally slows down and I envision winter walks and lazy days with books and coffee and snowmen on the lawn. Oh please let that all happen.

9. I got my first real winter run in yesterday after the snow was done, and it was lovely - snow everywhere, about thirty, not windy. If every winter run could be like that I would be so very grateful.

10. Ron has started Percy Jackson with the kids after trudging through the first book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Everyone seems to love this.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Diabetes anniversary number 6.

Today is the day we found out Fisher has diabetes.

It was the very same Monday, the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Gosh, we did not know what our new life would be. And we also did not know that it would still be good, that we would learn, manage, rise above, find a new normal.

If you haven't read about our diabetes story, go HERE.

Today is just a normal day for us now, which means this:

I was up twice checking blood sugars last night, but during one of them I actually thought to myself, wow, it's been awhile since I've had to get up twice in one night. Also, no school today, so we could all sleep in a bit.

Lots of blood sugar checks during the day - before breakfast, mid-morning, before lunch. Lots of insulin given, and we are so thankful for the pump now.

Lots of food eaten, gosh this boy can eat.

Lots of playing outside (and me trying to manage low blood sugars because of it, but also wanting him to be out there because he loves it and he is so strong and healthy and happy being outside so much).

Lots of hugs and snuggles on this warmish day off.

Looking forward to Turkey Day.

Just so thankful for a healthy boy (and my healthy girl and husband!).

Diabetes will never go away. No, he won't grow out of it. But we hope for a cure in his lifetime.